Every year, thousands of women undergo severe and costly treatment for breast cancer that could have been detected earlier. Why do over 50% of women in the US avoid routine mammograms? There are plenty of reasons - they’re painful, inconvenient, and occasionally inaccurate.

Bexa is a revolutionary FDA-cleared, radiation free breast cancer examination device that eliminates many of the pitfalls of traditional breast cancer screening. With Bexa, exams are radiation-free, painless, and produce instant results that are over 2x more accurate than standard breast exams.

Employers who offer Bexa exams to their employees and their family members are helping to catch breast cancer early. Not only does this save lives, but it also drastically reduces the extent and cost of treatment.

Painless – The small Bexa device is moved across the surface of the breast with only gentle pressure

Convenient – Screening takes 15 minutes and can be set up in any office room that offers privacy

Immediate – Results are printed and provided to participants at the end of the exam

Accurate – Over twice as effective in detecting breast cancer, with fewer false positives

Radiation – Free and Risk-Free – No side effects; women can be screened every year from any age, including during pregnancy

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Bexa improves healthcare outcomes and reduces cancer treatment costs. Learn more about Bexa and your company.

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