Caregiving Support

No one should ever have to go through caregiving of a loved one alone.

When an employee or family member is confronted with a loved one’s declining health, it can be a very difficult and emotional task to balance. Unfortunately, caregiving is one of the most overlooked needs for your employee populations and their families, and it is only increasing due to an aging population and workforce. Employees who find themselves in this circumstance have significant and stressful decisions to make, and too often they are going at it alone.


  • Caring for a loved one is emotional and stressful.
  • Loss of productivity.
  • Increased stress to employee.


ACAP HealthWorks believes that with our program, we can take this burden off of your employee’s shoulders by providing the expert resources their family deserves, instantly. We offer:

  • Caregiving Experts. Appointed certified healthcare coach provides counsel through caregiving decisions.
  • Online Portal. Cloud-based securely store health, financial, and legal documents for easy access.
  • Online Activity Feed. Family members are connected and kept informed through a shared dashboard.
  • On-demand Access. 24/7 access and support via phone, mobile device or computer.

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