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Is Your Employee Benefits Plan an Expensive, Pink Bunny Suit?

This past Christmas Eve I spent some time watching “A Christmas Story” with my family — you know, the movie they play for 24 hours straight. In one of the more iconic scenes in all of cinema, the preteen boy, Ralphie, walks downstairs to show-off his “gift” from Aunt Clara — a pink bunny outfit. […]

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Dan Phillips Speaks to the Importance of Moving the Needle on Mental Wellbeing for First Responders

The one thing all first responders have in common is that they are more focused on helping others rather than taking care of themselves. But is it time to shift the conversation? How do we make a cultural shift to move the needle on mental wellbeing for the next generation of first responders? Our own […]

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Dan Phillips Discusses the Importance of Self Care for First Responders

As most are aware, 2020 was an immensely difficult year for many people, particularly first responders who were on the frontlines and exposed to the devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. From risking exposure to the disease to responding to crisis situations exacerbated by nearly a year of isolation, first responders are experiencing unprecedented levels […]

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D Magazine Takes a Close Look at Partnership Working to Transform the Surgery Process

A Texas-based partnership between our own ACAP HealthWorks and Goldfinch Health, a startup in the BrokerTech Ventures Accelerator cohort, is working on transforming the surgery process and helping employers make sure their employees get the best and most efficient care. The two have partnered to improve surgery care by reducing opioid use and surgical complications […]

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Here’s How Your Job Might Be Making You Fat

Researchers say our jobs are more sedentary than they used to be, and that is in part to blame for the obesity epidemic. Americans are getting fatter — although whether that’s because they’re eating too much, not getting enough exercise, or some other factor has been a matter of debate.A new study puts the blame on exercise, […]

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Why Jumping Rope Is a Shockingly Good Workout

A jump rope feels decidedly old-school: something you played with as a kid but that most adults, except for boxers, leave behind. That’s a shame, because jumping rope offers a combination of benefits to bone, balance and muscles that most types of exercise can’t match. “If you’ve done it lately, you know how much it […]

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People on the Move: Kendall Ramirez, Chief Experience Officer

As CXO at ACAP Health, Kendall leads marketing, communication and customer experience initiatives for the organization and the employee health solutions it offers, such as Naturally Slim. Kendall consults with employers across the country to increase employee engagement in their health initiatives.   This highlight originally appeared in the Dallas Business Journal here.

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People On The Move: Ted Holden, Director for Commercial Markets

Holden’s wealth of industry knowledge will be a crucial asset in leading strategy and development work with insurance carriers and third-party administrators. Holden will help ensure the solutions offered by ACAP Health are optimized to meet the needs of insurers in addition to employers. This feature originally appeared in the Dallas Business Journal, here.

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The Real Financial ROI on Wellness Is Not Important; Disease Is.

I’ve been sitting on this topic for quite some time now, but not because I know it’s a heated and controversial topic. I’ve been sitting on this because I’m so incredibly passionate about what I’m going to say, that I wanted it to be just right. As a former financial officer for both a hospital […]

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New Study Showcases How Effective a Digital Weight Loss Program is at Reducing High Blood Pressure Among Employees.

The Naturally Slim program, offered by ACAP Health, creates significant reduction in employee hypertension through weight loss. Currently, average healthcare costs associated with obese individuals are more than double compared to an individual with a normal body mass index. As the nation continues to see increased healthcare costs associated with obesity, the Naturally Slim program, offered by […]

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Scientists Agree, This is the Only Way to Effectively Diet.

In a recent article, scientists debunk the belief that restrictive diets –  think low fat, low carbs, calorie counting, etc. – are the most effective way to reach the weight loss people seek. In fact, scientists agree that getting hung up on the specifics doesn’t make sense.  The most effective diet is the one you […]

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ACAP Health CMO Inspires Upcoming Book

ACAP Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tim Church, MD, Ph. D., MPH was recently featured in the Huffington Post article titled, “The Essential Ingredient You’re Missing In Achieving Your Goals” by Leigh Stringer. Stringer has an upcoming book, “The Healthy Workplace” and was inspired by Dr. Church’s research about creating effective wellness programs in the […]

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From Coast To Coast, Employers Are Turning To Naturally Slim.

From coast to coast, employers are turning to Naturally Slim. Here’s why: We’re the heaviest Americans in recorded history. Today, two out of three American adults are overweight or obese. And with obesity comes costly and largely preventable diseases like heart disease, cancers and type 2 diabetes. We get it. With so many delicious food […]

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ACAP Health Receives D CEO Award for Top Achievement in Wellness Programs

ACAP Health was recognized by D CEO for their achievement in wellness programs. The feature highlights ACAP Health’s mission to help employers destroy disease in their employee population by adding tools like Naturally Slim to their wellness programs. Read more about ACAP Health’s recognition in the D CEO article.

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ACAP Health and Fullpower Launch an Activity Monitoring Solution for Employers.

ACAP Health and Fullpower introduce MotionX-MÜV, a new solution for employers to encourage physical activity within their workforce in an effort to drive down chronic disease and reduce their healthcare spending.  MotionX-MÜV is based on the latest clinical evidence around physical activity as well as the data-science collected from Fullpower’s patented technology.  The solution works […]

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Dallas Morning News reports “Workers Trim Pounds, Employers Trim Costs.”

ACAP Health’s digital metabolic health solution, Naturally Slim, was featured in the Dallas Morning News. The article showcases how companies, like Baylor Scott & White Health, Southwest Airlines and Atmos Energy, are offering the program to their employees and having great success helping them lose weight and improve their metabolic risk factors. To read the […]

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Clinically-Proven Naturally Slim Program Relaunches With Upgraded, 
Full Year of Obesity Counseling.

ACAP Health’s Innovative Program Is The First Of Its Kind that Satisfies the 
Affordable Care Act Obesity Counseling Requirement for Employer Sponsored Benefits. Naturally Slim, ACAP Health’s clinically-proven 10-week weight loss program offered by employers to their employees, is relaunching with expanded programming that now includes a full year of weight loss counseling and health […]

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