The logo may only be used in full color, black, white or grayscale. When used in white it may be placed on any of the brand colors or black. The logo may also be used in white knocked out of the brand shape.

The logo must always appear with an “®” that matches the color to the “slim” letterforms except when used knocked out of the brand shape where the “®” should match the brand shape.

B2C Logo - Area of Isolation:
The width of the center “)(” shape on all four sides of the logo.

Guidelines for using logos

These rules apply when you want to use Naturally Slim logos on products, manuals, advertising, promotional materials, websites, etc. You must be authorized to use these logos, typically by entering into a license agreement with Naturally Slim. If you have any question about whether you are authorized to use Naturally Slim logos, contact marketingteam@naturallyslim.com.

Use the Proper Trademark Symbol

For marks that are registered, use the ® symbol. For all other marks, use the symbol. To identify which symbol should be used with a particular trademark, see the table in Key Phrases & Trademarks below.

If the symbol is not legible because your use of the logo is too small, please contact marketingteam@naturallyslim.com. to request a graphic that has a larger symbol.

Use Naturally Slim Standard Colors

The preferred color combination for Naturally Slim logos is Pantone Matching System Orange (PMS 1585C), Blue (PMS 293C), Gray (PMS Cool Gray 7C), White (PMS White) and Black (PMS Black), depending on the background color. You should make every effort to use these standardized colors. Do not use any Naturally Slim logo in alternative colors.



The logos must be set on a background that makes the logo easily seen and the type portions of the logo must be clearly legible. Do not place the logo on a stylized background that overlaps or interferes with the logo or otherwise changes the appearance of the logo.


Size & Placement

The logo must be large enough to be legible depending on its particular application, but should never be less than 1.5% of the size of the field. By way of example, a logo placed on an 8½” x 11” (U.S. letter) page should be no smaller than 0.5” tall by 3” wide.

Upon receiving the logo artwork from Naturally Slim, an authorized user may resize the logo to suit its purposes. However, the proportion of height to width must remain the same.

The size and placement of Naturally Slim logos should distinguish them from other marks and logos. This ensures that consumers do not mistake another company's advertised product or service as one provided by Naturally Slim. In addition, using Naturally Slim logos in a manner that suggests your product is developed by Naturally Slim, that the trademark is part of your company name, or that a product contains Naturally Slim IP when it does not, is prohibited.

  • Naturally Slim logos should be no less prominent and in the same relative size as the least prominent third-party trademark appearing on a page.
  • Always position the logo alone and apart from other text and graphics, especially other trademarks.



PMS 293C
c100 m57 y0 k2
r0 g104 b179

PMS 1585C
c0 m56 y90 k0
r246 g138 b51

PMS Cool Gray 7C
c45 m36 y35 k1
r147 g149 b152

PMS Cool Gray 10C
c40 m30 y20 k66
r99 g102 b106



CYNAPSE PRO BOLD: primary typeface used for headlines & titles (as a rule headlines are twice the height of body copy)


CYNAPSE PRO: primary typeface used for headlines & titles (as a rule headlines are twice the height of body copy)


LATO: secondary typeface used for web


ARIAL: tertiary typeface used only when Cynapse or Lato are not available

Key Phrases & TRADEMARKS


Naturally Slim®
True Thin®
Real Food, Right Portions®
It's Not What You Eat But When and How®
Hunger Savers®
Naturally Slim Foundations®
Minute with Marcia®

Eat Your Mass Off®
Work Your Mass Off®
Eat, Drink & Be Half of Mary®
Find Your Happy Plates®
Have the Best Weigh of Your Life®
Have Your Steak and Lose Weight Too®
Jingle All the Weigh®
May Your Weighs Be Merry and Bright®
Piece, Love and Happiness®

General Guidelines for Using Trademarks in Text

Apply the Proper Trademark Symbol to the First or
Most Prominent Use of the Trademark

Apply an ® symbol to the first or most prominent use of the Naturally Slim word mark, which usually occurs in a headline, title or heading.

Example: Naturally Slim®

Thereafter, an ® symbol should appear at least once per page after the Naturally Slim word mark, such as the first occurrence in the first full paragraph of text.

Do Not Alter the Trademark in Any Way

Do not use hyphens, slashes, prefixes, suffixes, etc. Do not abbreviate any part of the mark. Do not translate the mark into other languages.

Incorrect: Nat Slim
Incorrect: Naturally-Slim
Correct: Naturally Slim®

Incorrect Spanish: El Programa Naturalmente Delgado
Correct Spanish: El Programa Naturally Slim®

Incorrect French: Le Programme Naturellement Mince
Correct French: Le Programme Naturally Slim®

Never Use a Naturally Slim Word Mark as a Noun

A trademark is always an adjective that describes a good or service. Wherever possible, use the Naturally Slim word mark immediately followed by a generic noun that describes the service or thing it modifies. Do not make the mark plural or possessive.

Incorrect: You should sign up for Naturally Slim.
Correct: You should sign up for the Naturally Slim® program.

Incorrect: Naturally Slim's manual
Correct: The Naturally Slim® manual

Use Trademarks in the Manner for Which They Are Intended

Do not use Naturally Slim trademarks for goods and services for which they are not intended. Do not make puns out of them or portray them in a negative light.

Never Combine a Naturally Slim Word Mark with Your Mark,
Another Logo or a Slogan

As discussed above, in using the Naturally Slim marks, it is important that they are used only in the manner permissible under your trademark license. Do not combine a Naturally Slim mark with your mark, create a logo that incorporates a Naturally Slim word mark, or create a slogan that incorporates a Naturally Slim word mark unless expressly authorized in writing by Naturally Slim to do so. Combining a Naturally Slim mark with other marks may create confusion as to the identities presented by each respective mark.

Incorrect: You can be Naturally Slim!
Correct: The Naturally Slim® program can help you be healthier.

Incorrect: Liberty Healthcare's Naturally Slim Program
Correct: Naturally Slim® program, brought to you by Liberty Healthcare

If you are authorized under the terms of your license to combine your mark with the Naturally Slim word mark, use different fonts to distinguish your mark from the Naturally Slim word mark.

Incorrect: Liberty Healthcare brings you Naturally Slim®
Correct: Liberty Healthcare brings you Naturally Slim®