The logo may only be used in full color, white or black. When used in white it may be placed on any of the ACAP brand colors or black. The logo must always appear with an “®” that matches in color to the “health” letterforms.

In headlines or body copy, the name should appear as “ACAP Health.” Only in the logo are the letters all lowercase and one word.

The ACAP hand icon can be used as a stand-alone only on a piece where the full logo has already appeared. In addition, the hands are only to be used in full color, black on white, or white on black.

Area of Isolation:

The height of the “a” applied to all four sides of the logo.

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Black & White

Logo with Tagline

Affiliated Brands


PMS 7442 C
c70 m93 y0 k0
r134 g55 b186

PMS 143 C
c0 m32 y86 k0
r238 g175 b48

PMS 638 C
c89 m0 y7 k0
r0 g175 b216

PMS 383 C
c26 m3 y93 k17
r162 g173 b0

PMS Cool Gray 8 C
c23 m17 y13 k41
r139 g141 b142


Just as our logo and colors work to represent our brand visually, our voice should consistently express our brand verbally. Our content should always convey the following attributes: bold, spirited and relentless. From our Creed and website headlines to our office signage and social media posts, our content should feel like it comes from the same personality every single time.

our creed


We will use the health insurance system to help people
improve the quality and quantity of their years.

We will join forces with and connect others who can expand our impact.

We will rise above distractions for the greater good.

We will take big, worthy risks.

We will question every assumption.

We will never be ashamed of the truth.

We will love and respect each other.

We will save time, money and lives.

We will be a movement.

ACAP Health. We will do this.


Gobold Lowplus: used for headlines & titles

Gobold Hollow Bold: used for headlines & titles

Helvetica Neue Light: used on print creative for subheads, body copy & stationery system

Bebas Neue: web font used for headlines & titles

Raleway: web font used for subheads & body copy

Arial: system font used for email, Microsoft products, PPT presentations & communications on company stationery

our key


  • Be here to be awesome.
  • It’s never too late to raise the bar.
  • The better we are. The better we make others.
  • The world is depending on you. No pressure.


  • Not just promised. Proven.
  • More healthy office. Less doctors office.
  • Measure. Improve. Repeat.
  • We’re in the birthday preservation business.
  • Workplace wellness that actually works.
  • The future of health starts here.
  • Their health is your business.