Fueled by the momentum of the industry-leading Naturally Slim® program, ACAP Health is expanding solutions portfolio to help employers reduce healthcare costs

DALLAS, TXNovember 2, 2017 – ACAP Health, a leading provider of innovative health solutions for the employee benefits industry, today announced the expansion of its results-driven portfolio. This diversification is being driven by the success of Naturally Slim®, the industry-leading digital behavioral counseling program for diabetes prevention, reversal of metabolic syndrome and weight management. Naturally Slim has the largest market share in the employee benefits industry, including major corporations, universities, government entities and hospitals, reaching millions of eligible employees. Overall, Naturally Slim has led to a 50 percent reversal of metabolic syndrome and prediabetes risk factors.

Building on the achievements of Naturally Slim, ACAP Health has established Distributing and Ventures business divisions to amplify its mission of helping clients avoid disease, improve health and navigate the healthcare industry efficiently.

The Distributing division develops strategic relationships with existing solution providers that ACAP Health determined have measurable results and will be an effective offering for employers’ benefits programs. ACAP Health is bringing these solutions forward with the intent of joining Naturally Slim as flagship products within its portfolio. The Ventures division targets start-up level solutions that ACAP Health invests in to help bring those new products to life and introduce to corporate customers.

ACAP Health is currently working on innovative solutions to help clients in a variety of areas including:

  • Digestive health – combining interactive technology and behavioral science to support the estimated 20 percent of Americans dealing with chronic digestive issues
  • Diabetes and cardiovascular disease management – providing FDA-approved connected devices, along with dedicated coaching and customized care plans, to deliver best-in-class treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Caregiver support – relieving anxiety for the more than 34 million eligible caregivers in the U.S. who are managing the well-being of their loved ones by offering access to certified/licensed healthcare coaches through a digital platform
  • Healthcare price and quality analysis – repurposing healthcare pricing transparency technologies to create new methods for driving down unit costs within healthcare networks

“Our team is committed to the goal of flattening the trajectory of healthcare trends by reducing how much disease we produce and lowering the financial burden for treating disease,” said Wally Gomaa, chief executive officer of ACAP Health. “Naturally Slim is available to millions of Americans. Now, we are determining which new solutions could bring additional value and engagement to the employee benefits industry.”

About ACAP Health
ACAP Health is a health innovation company that provides solutions that lower risk and cost for employers. While typical employee benefits programs waste time and money by measuring participation alone, ACAP Health offers guaranteed solutions with clinical results you can measure. ACAP Health believes that employers play a vital role in employee health and by upgrading employee health, employers can upgrade the health of their business. ACAP Health provides a range of solutions for employers and health insurers to offer to their covered members, including the industry-leading Naturally Slim® program. Visit www.acaphealth.com for more information.

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