Dallas, TX – May 3, 2017 – ACAP Health, bolstered by a 250 percent annual increase in participation in its wellness solutions, has relocated offices to accommodate the company’s growth. The new space will offer greater flexibility, allow for better collaboration, and create an overall positive atmosphere for employees.

This move comes as we recognize Global Employee Health and Fitness Month, which promotes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for both employers and employees. As ACAP Health embodies this lifestyle daily, the timing could not be more accurate.

“Located next to a recreational trail, the new space really showcases who we are as a company,” said Wally Gomaa, chief executive officer and co-founder of ACAP Health. “We now have multiple shared work spaces with healthier accommodations, such as outdoor meeting space and stand-up only conference rooms. Our company purpose is to offer solutions to help businesses improve the health of their employee populations. We want to ensure we are also doing everything we can to upgrade the health of our employees, our most important asset.”

In addition, ACAP Health is launching a new visual identity in celebration of its 10th anniversary. The new identity highlights the company’s bold vision to promote clinical results as the standard for wellness, as opposed to other wellness companies that promote participation alone as their success metric. With ACAP Health, you get “Workplace Wellness That Actually Works.”

“We have always promised our clients measurable clinical results and we will continue to make that promise,” said Co-Founder Den Bishop. “ACAP Health will not advocate our clients invest in a solution unless it generates actual clinical health improvement.”

Kendall Ramirez, director of engagement, noted, “We’ve spent a lot of time looking back on what has made us successful to date and we realized that the core beliefs we were founded on are still the foundation of who we want to be in the future. Our new brand identity reflects that foundation and highlights how ACAP Health is bold, spirited, and relentless in our quest to use the health insurance system to help people improve the quality and quantity of their years.”

ACAP Health is located in the Park Central area of north Dallas. Check out the new brand look here.

About ACAP Health

ACAP Health is a national leader in employer wellness consulting offering a stark difference from more traditional wellness companies. ACAP Health provides workplace wellness that actually works. While most programs waste time and money by measuring participation alone, ACAP Health offers guaranteed solutions with clinical results you can measure. ACAP believes that employers play a vital role in employee health and by upgrading employee health, employers can upgrade the health of their business. ACAP Health offers a range of solutions for employers and health insurers to offer to their covered members, including the industry-leading Naturally Slim® program.

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