National leader in employer health solutions partners with Goldfinch Health to eliminate suboptimal surgery

Dallas, TX — July 8, 2020 – ACAP HealthWorks, a leading provider in innovative, clinical-based solutions, has partnered with Goldfinch Health to reduce surgical complications, persistent opioid painkiller use, and high-cost claimants.

Goldfinch brings the power of clinically-validated Enhanced Surgical Pathways and Nurse Navigation to employer benefits. When an employee requires surgery, Goldfinch steps in, working within existing insurance networks to help advocate for patients before, during, and after surgery.

“Goldfinch Health’s strategy aligns perfectly with our mission to improve the quality of care for patients while reducing overall cost for employers,” said Wally Gomaa, CEO of ACAP HealthWorks. “We are excited by Goldfinch’s ability to make a measurable impact and lessen the waste created by inefficient surgical practices.”

Individuals participating with Goldfinch return to work, on average, 34 days faster than the national benchmark. In addition, Goldfinch patients use 50 percent fewer opioid painkillers post-operatively than the national average. In fact, nearly 80 percent of Goldfinch patients use no opioids at all after surgery. The Goldfinch Surgery Experience tracks saved days in recovery, among other outcomes, and guarantees a return on investment for employers.

“For most, surgery is intimidating and anxiety-inducing, despite the best efforts of physicians, nurses and staff,” said Brand Newland, PharmD, MBA, CEO and co-founder of Goldfinch Health. “You end up feeling alone going into the operation and alone during what can be a nerve-wracking recovery. We founded Goldfinch to help people find the best experience possible in surgery—supported by the most advanced research, guided by caring and compassionate Nurse Navigators, and targeted toward helping folks get back to life as soon as possible.”

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About ACAP HealthWorks
ACAP HealthWorks is a national leader in employer healthcare expense reduction, offering a stark difference from traditional wellness companies. ACAP HealthWorks provides programs that have been clinically proven to help employees become healthier and reduce overall healthcare expense. While most programs waste time and money by measuring participation alone, ACAP HealthWorks offers guaranteed solutions with clinical results you can measure. ACAP HealthWorks believes that employers play a vital role in employee health and, by upgrading employee health, employers can upgrade the health of their business. ACAP HealthWorks offers a range of solutions for employers and health insurers to offer to their covered members.

About Goldfinch Health
Goldfinch Health ( offers a revolutionary employee benefit that works within existing health insurance networks to help ensure people never receive a suboptimal surgery. The Goldfinch Surgery Experience is different from other solutions in three ways: (1) Access to Enhanced Surgical Pathways designed to fast-track people to recovery, minimize opioid use and lower the risk of infection and reoperation; (2) Guidance from a Goldfinch Nurse Navigator that safeguards there are NO “I wish I had knowns” throughout the surgery and recovery process; and (3) Focus on Patient Outcomes That Matter, including Saved Days in returning people to work and life. As a result, employees/members get back to work and life in half the time and companies avoid high-cost surgery from breaking the budget this year and next.


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