Genesis Health System – a long time partner is offering Naturally Slim™, our online weight loss solution, to individuals who want to lose weight and reduce their risk for metabolic syndrome and other chronic diseases.

If clinically qualified, individuals will be able to participate in the Foundations program free of charge. They’ll have the opportunity to reduce their risk factors of metabolic syndrome in just ten weeks. The monetary value of this program is $560, the quality of life benefits immeasurable.

An individual’s risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke increases dramatically when metabolic syndrome is present.

Genesis Philanthropy, Genesis Health System’s non-profit organization, will provide the Naturally Slim™ program, including screenings for MetS, to a minimum of 105 participants in April and a second class in August.

Genesis Philanthropy’s The Metabolic Syndrome Initiative was first introduced to the public by Genesis Health System two years ago. Participants in the first three classes who had elevated MetS risks before Naturally Slim experienced a 37 percent reduction in their risk factors after the 10-week intervention. Participants in the groups also lost an average of 15.9 pounds per person.
More than 55% of Genesis employees who had MetS in 2009 no longer had the condition in 2014. Not only has employee health seen a monumental improvement, employer healthcare costs have stabilized since the 2009 Naturally Slim™ program implementation. Genesis Health System and its employees have saved $101 million in healthcare and health insurance costs since then.
Naturally Slim™ has helped tens of thousands of people successfully fulfill their dream of lasting weight loss and improved health while lowering healthcare costs for employers. If you’re interested in learning more about incorporating Naturally Slim™ into your employee wellness program please contact us.
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