When it came to finding the best partner to help McCraw Oil Company improve their employee’s health while lowering healthcare costs, choosing ACAP Health was a no-brainer. ­­

“A couple of years ago we changed our motto to ‘leave them better’ – referring to our customers,” said Doyce Taylor, co-owner of McCraw Oil, Kwik Check Food Stores. “That expanded [because] we also wanted to leave our team members better. How much better can you leave them when you leave them healthier?”

ACAP Health provided McCraw Oil with a solution that not only lowered healthcare costs, but fulfilled their motto of leaving their employees better. We recommended Naturally Slim, our online weight loss program offering, and a pilot was launched in 2015.

The pilot was a resounding success and hit even closer to “home” when a key decision maker of their healthcare benefits lost over 30 pounds with Naturally Slim.

“I’ve gone up with weight and down with weight, but Naturally Slim really fits your lifestyle. You’re not on a diet. You’re living,” said Mary Woodlee, human resources manager at McCraw Oil Company.

Want to  learn more about the measurable results Naturally Slim provided McCraw Oil? Watch the video here.

ACAP Health helped leave their employees better and can do the same for your company. If you’re interested in healthier employees and lower healthcare costs drop us a line. We’d love to chat with you.

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