New survey shows Naturally Slim program participants reversing risk for chronic diseases and improving overall health

DALLAS, TXSeptember 28, 2017 – Naturally Slim®, the digital program designed to help people reverse their risk for obesity-related conditions, released new research today showing participants continue to reap benefits one year after starting the program.

The study group focused on more than 2,000 Naturally Slim participants who started the program between January 1, 2016, and June 30, 2016. The responders represented a wide variety of lifestyles, geographic regions and health backgrounds.

The study found that more than 55 percent of people polled lost 10 pounds or more in the first 10 weeks of Naturally Slim, reversing their overall risk for obesity-related conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Over the long-term, more than 53 percent of surveyed participants maintained their full weight loss and 83 percent preserved some of their weight loss after reaching the one year mark with Naturally Slim. Furthermore, 78 percent stated they continue to follow the program’s behavioral principles. Some of those key principles include recognizing true hunger when deciding the right time to eat and intentionally savoring food to help satisfy senses of flavor and fullness.

When looking at quality-of-life factors one year after starting the Naturally Slim program, participants reported significant positive impact. Those findings include:

  • More Energy: More than 55 percent reported a boost in their energy levels, helping drive their performance at work and/or quality time spent with family and friends
  • Better Weight Control: More than 72 percent stated they have more control over their weight
  • Added Confidence: More than 57 percent improved their self-confidence after learning how to live the Naturally Slim way
  • Increased Physical Activity: More than 61 percent shared they are getting more physical activity. Whether it’s walking the dog or getting a bike back in gear, Naturally Slim is leading people to make exercise a priority.

“Recent studies show the average American is gaining between 2-4 pounds each year. Naturally Slim is bucking that trend by teaching people the habits that not only prevent weight gain, but lead to long-term weight loss,” said Dr. Tim Church, chief medical officer for ACAP Health. “The fact that participants are getting more exercise, which is crucial for weight maintenance and improved quality of life, speaks to the diverse benefits of re-teaching eating behaviors through Naturally Slim.”

About Naturally Slim®

Naturally Slim is a proven technology-based behavior program centered on the latest scientific understanding of nutrition and obesity. Offered by ACAP Health, Naturally Slim has helped countless people learn the skills needed for lasting weight loss. No diets, no calorie counting and no points. Designed and administered by experienced medical professionals and based on the most effective clinical weight loss programs, Naturally Slim delivers real, measurable results. ACAP Health believes employers play a vital role in employee health and by upgrading the health of employees, employers can upgrade the health of their business. ACAP Health provides a range of innovative solutions for employers and health insurers to offer their covered members, including the industry-leading Naturally Slim program. For more information about Naturally Slim, please visit

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