Naturally Slim launched the new, redesigned version of today. Key features of the site include a cleaner, more engaging user experience with enhanced navigation, and the ability for consumers to purchase the Naturally Slim program online.

Naturally Slim is an online weight loss program, clinically proven to reverse metabolic syndrome (MetS), a condition leading to many serious and costly diseases such as diabetes and stroke. Today, MetS affects 34 percent of Americans. The program teaches participants to eat in a way that leads to measurable, sustainable weight loss and overall health.

Hundreds of employers across the U.S. have incorporated Naturally Slim into their corporate wellness programs and reaped the benefits of not only a healthier employee population, but lowered healthcare costs.

Healthcare providers who prescribe Naturally Slim to their patients with MetS report a 50.7 percent reversal of their condition and find comfort in knowing the program meets 2013 Federal Obesity Guidelines.

The site’s refreshed and simplified look, combined with enhanced Naturally Slim program information, improved functionality, and optimization for mobile devices allows employers and healthcare providers to better interact with Naturally Slim online.

Multiple areas throughout the website highlight testimonials from Naturally Slim participants and include links to watch testimonial videos, preview the Naturally Slim program, and gain more knowledge about metabolic syndrome. Consumers can even sign up for Naturally Slim if it is not offered as part of their employer’s wellness program.

If you haven’t already, go check the new!

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