In a recent article, scientists debunk the belief that restrictive diets –  think low fat, low carbs, calorie counting, etc. – are the most effective way to reach the weight loss people seek. In fact, scientists agree that getting hung up on the specifics doesn’t make sense.  The most effective diet is the one you will stick with long-term.

The article sites ACAP Health’s chief medical officer, Tim Church.  His view is that the problem lies in the belief that restrictive dieting is the key.

“People have these unbelievably strong beliefs against fat or carbs,” says obesity researcher Tim Church, chief medical officer of ACAP Health Consulting and professor of preventative medicine at Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University. “But despite the never-ending list of best-selling books that exist on weight loss, there is no macronutrient that wins the day.”

Long lasting weight loss is the goal for many, but doing so in a way that’s restrictive sets people up for failure – as it’s a temporary fix for something that should ultimately be a lifestyle change. The article additionally makes this point: You didn’t gain the weight overnight so why would you restrict your diet in hopes that it will stay off for good? Try something more doable.

Read the full article here.

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